Understanding What Wind Damage Repair Is All About

The most damaging scenarios or forces that a home may be faced with is high winds. Even if there the rain or the hail was not that heavy, your roof may still end up suffering from a certain amount of damage. What most people do not understand is that most of the time is that wind will not affect your roof uniformly. The most affected areas of your roof are normally the edges and the corners whereby the wind is able to pull the shingles up which is why they are most commonly affected compared to other larger flat areas of your roof. Any place that the wind can be able to get access to and end up pulling it up normally ends up creating a serious peeling effect that you should know for sure is only going to keep on getting worse as time goes by.

When this happens, the material that is peeled back ends up exposing the insulation which ultimately causes the wood to kind of dry rot. Other effects of this may include roof leaks and severe damage. Since wind tends to put an uneven kind of stress to the roof, this is not only going to affect the edging materials and the shingles; it may also end up causing the roof to shift slightly and even bend. As this keeps on taking place over a certain amount of time, you will start noticing small cracks on the shingles that are near the flashing and the nails. These cracks are the ones that tend to create the leaking which may only put your roof at more risk of suffering from uncontrolled damage.

What should you do when you are faced with high winds?

There are a number of things that always need to be addressed in the event that you are faced with high winds.

Your wood shingles may end up been either curled or split during high winds.
When this happens, you may need to call in roof inspection & certification expert to fix the problem before it gets worse. Also, when this happens, your roof may be at high risk of decay and mold which is why you need the problem to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Carry out a visual inspection of your roof
When you are faced with high winds, you do not have to start climbing up your roof for you to notice that there is a problem. Also, to avoid any kind of accidental fall or injury, it would be best to call in a wind damage repair expert who should be able to do the work for you. Since they have experience in this field, it will be easier for them to have a look at your flashing, your shingles, your vents, and chimneys and get to figure out if there is any problem.

Inspecting your gutters
An inspection of your gutters should also be done so as to check if there is any rust, decay or leaks.