Should I Pay Someone To Fit My Interior Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters received their name as they are styled in a similar fashion to the types of shutters used in the old plantations in the Southern parts of America.

The louvers are wider than traditional shutters and were originally placed outside the house.However today’s plantation shutters are designed to be used extensively throughout the interior of a house and often replace other window furnishings like curtains.

If you have decided to purchase plantation shutters for use in your home you will either have arranged and worked with a professional from the beginning or have arranged to order on line as a DIY project.

Both methods have their advantages.However when deciding to fit your shutters is it really necessary to pay someone to fit these for you.

A few simple tools are required to be able to install your own shutters.

A Light colored lead pencil
A cordless drill to help pre drill holes if needed.
It is advisable to pre drilling any bracket holes as this will stop timber from splitting. It is also recommended for outside mounts.
You will require a cordless screwdriver
Depending on the window frame material you will be installing your shutters into, make sure you buy the right type of Installation Screws – Timber, Masonry or Aluminum
Building Leveler

Many handymen already have these tools in their workshops .If not then they should be purchased or rather make use of a qualified fitter who will have all these tools already.


Most reputable companies that supply plantation shutters will deliver their products with brochures and detailed explanations on how to fit the shutters. In fact many companies offer help lines which DIY handymen can call for assistance if any problems should arise .
However sometimes particularly in older houses where window frames are not necessarily square there may be the need for using expert advice.

For example if your plantation shutters are to be fitted for large wide windows then a track system is usually installed.These are ideal for patios or french doors .The track system gives good support for panels where there is not a need for a bottom frame .These can be Bi Fold or Bi Pass.

Where the shutter installation is straight forward and clear installation descriptions are given it is possible to fit your own shutters.


If you decide to pay a company to install your shutters for you then you will have a guarantee if things go wrong .A professional installation company will not only be able to advise you when problems crop up but should also be there for you if your shutters do not function correctly after installation.This is a very important advantage of employing a installer.

Installing Plantation Shutters indoors is not always the simplest of projects but with the right tools and a little experience to call on you should be able to manage to fit your shutters yourself providing it is uncomplicated.