Effects Of Water Damage On Your Property

Water damage is one of the most damaging things that can happen to your property. This is because as water seeps into unwanted places it can cause structural damage and even health problems. The trick in ensuring that you house is not completely compromised when there is water damage is to ensure that you have it taken care of by professional restoration service providers and that you have it repaired immediately you take note of it. However even when it has extended for sometime it can still be repaired though the process will take longer and cost you more. Here are some of the damages you can get from water in your property.

Mold growth
If water is not driven out and the house dried completely in three days then mold starts to grow. Mold is a health risk and when the family is exposed to it then they are at risk of getting infections and allergies. This is because mold releases pathogens to the atmosphere that when breathed in will be dangerous to the health of people. Mold also grows on water logged items like furniture and everything else that has been soaked with water. It is therefore important that all the items are dried off properly and completely.

The source of the water causing the damage to the house may come from different sources. When it comes from a burst pipe or a leaking faucet in the house then it is clean water. When it comes from drains or the river and lakes in the case of a flood this kind of water is called black water and it causes contamination to your house. The water will contain germs and bacteria that can be dangerous to the health of the occupants of the home. It is therefore imperative that the house is decontaminated using disinfectants and other products that will get rid of the contaminants.

Structural damage
Water causes structural damage to the house and compromises the stability of the structure. Water seeping into the wooden pallets of the house will cause them to rot which makes them weak. Also if water seeps into the foundation of the house it causes the ground to become weak and therefore compromising the integrity of the entire structure. It is important that such damage is repaired well and whatever needs to be changed should be changed or reinforced.

Damaged amenities and appliances
Water can also cause damage to the wiring of the house, gas pipes, plumbing and even the appliances in the house like the boiler, washing machines and others. This can happen even with a few inches of water on your property so ensure that it is taken care of immediately by a trained damage restoration specialists.