Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air conditioner troubleshooting will be accompanied by repair or replacement of its parts. You can easily troubleshoot your air conditioner without having to call a technician. Most of the issues that you can look at surround issues of electricity or a part not working as it should. There are some steps you need to take before you can begin any troubleshooting on your unit. You must make sure that the power has been turned off and it is also advisable that you wear protective gear like rubber gloves. Sometimes, you might have to check that the connectivity of electricity is working and for this, you will need a voltmeter. You can only check that the power is passing through the wiring as expected by using a voltmeter. If you have to touch any part of the air conditioner at this stage, its best you use insulated screwdrivers.

You can decide to start your troubleshooting with the most obvious components of your air conditioner or you could go step by step. As we have mentioned, whether power is passing through the electrical components of your air conditioner plays a crucial part in the working of your AC. Checking your units power plug should be done periodically as the fuse can easily get shot. You could also inspect the power socket to make sure that it’s working as it should. You can also have a look at the disconnector block that has two fuses that could easily become shot. With the disconnector, you have to check the part that connects the fuse to it. Using a voltmeter at this stage is very important as it will easily show you whether power is passing through or not.

The capacitor plays an important role in the running of your air conditioner. When you are troubleshooting, you must check and makes sure that it’s working properly. The best way to check your capacitor will be to listen to the sounds your AC is making, whether the motor is working and if the fan is running. Ideally, there should be a humming sound. Any other sound being produced by your AC is a sign of trouble and you should identify its source immediately. The motor should also be running smoothly and the fan must be working. However, since the capacitor makes it possible for the compressor to work harmoniously with the fan, you must check that these activities are running concurrently. For example, if the motor is running but the fan seems to be immobile, its an indication that the capacitor needs to be checked into.

The thermostat is an important aspect that must also be looked into when you are troubleshooting your air conditioner unit. To check whether its working properly, lower the temperature to cold and inspect if you are getting any cold air out. This will also help you identify if the compressor coils need to be cleaned out and if the filter needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the coils is a very delicate process and you urged to use a soft cloth and a recommended coil cleaner.